Doors to Love

Repost with images embedded in transcript.

Love Returns

Using the story of Gautama Buddha (founder of Buddhism) and the ministry of Jesus, ithis video encourages every listener to grasp the power and strength of Divine Love.


I came to my understanding of Revelation through a broad study of the world’s religions. That study reveals that love enters the world through many doors. To emphasize that point, I’m going to start with the story of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Gautama was born Siddhartha, an Indian prince. In India, society was broken into four castes – what we today would call “social classes.” AllCastesAt the top were the nobility and the intellectuals called Brahmins: these two classes wrestled for control of the society. Beneath them was the warrior class. At the bottom of society were the untouchables – those that did manual labor. Whatever caste you were born into, you were stuck there.

Being born into the noble caste, Siddhartha…

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