The Wyrm’s Turn

With images from original video.

Love Returns

In the Garden of Eden, God attempted to manage the opportunity and threat of human intelligence to his balanced creation. But something lurks in the background…

We’re almost ready to turn our attentions to John’s Revelation, but before we do, we need to confront the dark side of God’s journey. So far, I may have made it sound as though boredom may have been the biggest challenge faced by God. Nothing is that easy, though. To understand the challenge, let’s pause to consider the human experience of sin.

For most of Christian history, to sin was to break God’s law. The first laws were brought down by Moses on stone tablets. wpid-0425_Charlton_Heston_as_Moses_in_Ten_CommandmentsThey command faith in God and to not harm other people. More laws were added as the Hebrews wandered in the desert. When they entered the Holy Land, the list had grown to 613 laws.Torah
As a Jew, Jesus…

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