In Over His Head

Using a hospital and Wikipedia as metaphors for the nature of God.

With images from the original video.

Love Returns

Looking at the problem of evil, and how it influences the way that John’s Revelation is understood by Fundamentalists and atheists. Offers a hospital as a better starting point. Truth is the starting point for all healing, so God’s mind must gather truth. Wikipedia may help us understand why, then, John had so much trouble describing his experience in heaven.

In interpreting Revelation, we have to recognize that John visited the mind of God. To aid in understanding his writing, today we’re going to look more deeply at what the mind of God is like.

Arriving from a distant galaxy, imagine that you park your flying saucer in an open lot next to a large building. UFO LandingWanting to know what kinds of creatures live on earth, you send a small flying drone into the building. Inside, you see people being cut open, their parts removed and thrown away. TraumaCenterYou see…

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