The Plan of Creation

Interpreting the throne room of Revelation 4 as the Plan of Creation.

With image from the original video.

Love Returns

Breaking down in detail the opening scene of Revelation 4. Examples from life and scripture explain why we use symbols to describe relationships, and how that causes confusion. We come to a new way of thinking about what John was shown: just as the US Constitution is a plan of government, John was being shown the plan of creation. That makes sense, as long as we accept that we as living creatures have a very important role to play.

When I went to Portland in January of 2017, the city was caked in ice. Many of the venues I was planning to attend were closed. I was becoming a little desperate at the half-way point of my vacation, and found myself asking the waitress at the corner bar what there was to do along Division Street. To my surprise, she referred me to the local cinema that every Friday offered an…

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