Living Rights

Focusing on the balance between love and selfishness, and how heaven has been designed to help us navigates the challenges of living well.

With images from the original video.

Love Returns

Gathering up the insights from our study of the first seven chapters of Revelation, our focus on the Most High leads us to a new – and overwhelmingly tolerant – Christology.

Today is a day for looking back on our journey together. The study has been far from daily things. We’ve talked at times about raising children, about fighting fires. But those were meant to help us understand what goes on in heaven. We have not talked much about how God helps us in our daily lives.

Instead, we’ve talked about the beginning of the Bible and the beginning of Life. We’ve talked about how God is changing the angels through living creatures (including us, of course). We’ve talked about why the angels might resist God’s guidance.

So why would the Bible, which is God’s story, give this knowledge to us? Simply: to help us understand why there are no…

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