The evolution of brains created new opportunities and dangers for the angels trying to express themselves on earth. The balance: social species gained the upper hand.

With images from the original video.

Love Returns

Brains shift the field of evolutionary struggle into learning. In Revelation 9, the Most High adopts new methods to force animals to learn to cooperate. But selfish spirits liked the dinosaurs – they were wonderful machines. So when the Most High wiped out the dinosaurs, their ghosts took root in their successors: insects, birds and mammals. That spiritual infection troubles us even today.

ColdMiseryWinter is cold and flu season, but every year we make appointments to get a flu vaccination. When the sore throat and sniffles start, we might wonder “Where was my cold vaccination?”

There isn’t any, and there probably never will be. The reason is that getting a cold is something that keeps our brains from freezing when the weather gets cold. A cold blocks up the nasal passages and sinuses that lie right next to the skull, keeping the cold air from flowing through them and reaching the brain.

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