Progress Report

Applying the insights regarding the purpose of Unconditional Love to re-interpret the Old Testament.

With images from the original video.

Love Returns

Summarizing the Old Testament as a demonstration of how selfishness fails in families, neighborhoods, cultures and nations. Despite our failings, the Most High remains constant in his love. Inspired by the loyalty and courage of the Lamb, the angels also struggle along with us. While love sometimes feels distant, the prophetic writings of Revelation teach us that it will win through in the end.

One of the challenges I face in reaching the faithful is that they already know so much about the Bible when they read Revelation. They want to treat Revelation as the next part of the Bible – as a story about people. They become confused when I suggest that Revelation is a story about angels. Worse, it’s a story told several times from different perspectives. Revelation 4-7 was the story as experienced in heaven; Revelation 9-11 tells the story again as the history of God’s work…

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