Ode to the Moon

Astrological coincidences (solstice, half-moon waxing to full during this Christmas week, and the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn) prompted the writing of this last night, in the middle of the return trip from Humboldt County, were I walked amid the old growth forest at the Headwaters Reserve. Esteemed Mistress, and cherished – As the sun … Continue reading Ode to the Moon

The Solution, Finally

God’s purpose is to heal reality from separation from love. Here on Earth, Humanity is the means for that healing. As evident in every chapter of the Bible, we are flawed instruments. Powerful urges drive us to renounce love, putting ourselves first. We celebrate Jesus’ victory over Death because He showed that great rewards follow … Continue reading The Solution, Finally

Breaking the Martyr’s Chains

In Revelation 5, as the angels mourn their isolation from Unconditional Love (which is the Most High), a scroll is revealed “with writing on both sides.” That detail may seem incidental, but remember what Adam is told in Eden: do not eat from the tree in the middle of the Garden, which is the Tree … Continue reading Breaking the Martyr’s Chains