Putting selfishness behind us, we are offered in Revelation 21 and 22 a vision of unity, an experience of life that joins the feminine and masculine virtues under the service of love. Heaven is remade, and becomes the repository for the best of human intentions. Transcript When done in love, no act of creation … Continue reading Consummation

The Plan of Vengeance

Revelation 13: Having been cast out of heaven, the dragon seeks to secure control of the earth. His vengeance uses tyrannical government and religious hypocrisy to drive humanity away from the love tendered by the Most High. Transcript I have a hard time coming up with stories about vengeance. I did watch Kill Bill … Continue reading The Plan of Vengeance

Heaven Knows Victory

Having surrendered the earth to sin in Revelation 6, book 7 recounts the mustering of the forces of change from among the masculine half of the elders of heaven. The promises made┬áby God to these volunteers are revealed - and their eventual realization shown. As global warming makes itself felt in California, we have suffered … Continue reading Heaven Knows Victory