Love’s Hero

The birth of the Lamb in Revelation 5.

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Love Returns

Interpreting Revelation 5 as an account of the moment that the Most High created the Lamb, and illuminating the reasons why the sacrifice was necessary.

Attribution for the maps of the European Union.

Passion week is always a struggle for me, and it was made harder this year in preparing to discuss Revelation 5. The book shines light into the darkness, and what is seen there is painful.

So before we begin, I want to explain some things about the crucifixion. When we love, a great power stands over us. It waits for us to prove that we won’t become selfish. Jesus proved that on the cross: he loved even those that murdered him. When the book says “the sky became dark,” don’t imagine that it was a solar eclipse.NotSolarEclipse The writers of the book knew about such things, and would have written “the moon passed before the sun”…

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The Plan of Creation

Interpreting the throne room of Revelation 4 as the Plan of Creation.

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Love Returns

Breaking down in detail the opening scene of Revelation 4. Examples from life and scripture explain why we use symbols to describe relationships, and how that causes confusion. We come to a new way of thinking about what John was shown: just as the US Constitution is a plan of government, John was being shown the plan of creation. That makes sense, as long as we accept that we as living creatures have a very important role to play.

When I went to Portland in January of 2017, the city was caked in ice. Many of the venues I was planning to attend were closed. I was becoming a little desperate at the half-way point of my vacation, and found myself asking the waitress at the corner bar what there was to do along Division Street. To my surprise, she referred me to the local cinema that every Friday offered an…

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In Over His Head

Using a hospital and Wikipedia as metaphors for the nature of God.

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Love Returns

Looking at the problem of evil, and how it influences the way that John’s Revelation is understood by Fundamentalists and atheists. Offers a hospital as a better starting point. Truth is the starting point for all healing, so God’s mind must gather truth. Wikipedia may help us understand why, then, John had so much trouble describing his experience in heaven.

In interpreting Revelation, we have to recognize that John visited the mind of God. To aid in understanding his writing, today we’re going to look more deeply at what the mind of God is like.

Arriving from a distant galaxy, imagine that you park your flying saucer in an open lot next to a large building. UFO LandingWanting to know what kinds of creatures live on earth, you send a small flying drone into the building. Inside, you see people being cut open, their parts removed and thrown away. TraumaCenterYou see…

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The Wyrm’s Turn

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Love Returns

In the Garden of Eden, God attempted to manage the opportunity and threat of human intelligence to his balanced creation. But something lurks in the background…

We’re almost ready to turn our attentions to John’s Revelation, but before we do, we need to confront the dark side of God’s journey. So far, I may have made it sound as though boredom may have been the biggest challenge faced by God. Nothing is that easy, though. To understand the challenge, let’s pause to consider the human experience of sin.

For most of Christian history, to sin was to break God’s law. The first laws were brought down by Moses on stone tablets. wpid-0425_Charlton_Heston_as_Moses_in_Ten_CommandmentsThey command faith in God and to not harm other people. More laws were added as the Hebrews wandered in the desert. When they entered the Holy Land, the list had grown to 613 laws.Torah
As a Jew, Jesus…

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Relation Creation

With video images embedded in transcript.

Love Returns

Using God’s commitment to marvelous relationships to interpret the Days of Creation.

The Pregnant Earth image at the end of the video is made available by Gideon Wright under the WikiCommons License

We’re starting our journey with scripture, which is the story of a relationship between people and Unconditional Love. Looking at God as love – as an element of relationships – we are going to change our view of the Creation story. Rather than seeing it as a testimony on the awesome power of the SUPREME DEITY, commanding obedience from meaningless worshipers, we instead will understand it as a celebration of the steady work done by love over billions of years to fill the universe with amazing relationships

First, let’s talk a little more about how love affects relationships.

Any relationship between two parties is unstable. Consider Yoshi caring for her first child Aiko. Yoshi is by far the…

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