Revelation 20: Liberation from evil is not a straight-line process. We reflect on our struggle with selfishness, and detail the final steps in its defeat. Transcript Through his control of the state police, for twenty-four years Josef Stalin ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist. Whether in politics or the military, every capable … Continue reading Recidivism

Life, Rescued

Elaborating the triumph of love from the human perspective, John prophesies that we will not be abandoned to tyranny, but serve as the anchor for the love that purges violence and selfishness from our nature. Transcript During junior high school, the five children in my family had a brief rebellion. My sister would gather … Continue reading Life, Rescued


Revelation 18 shows how the spiritual reign of MYSTERY has affected civilization. In seeking redemption, we must place people before property. Transcript On that particular day, I was late getting in for work, and had to stop at Staples. I assumed that I had lost track of the holiday schedule, because the parking lot … Continue reading Babylon

Beauty and the Beast

Having celebrated the Sacred Mother in Revelation 12, John is shown in Revelation 17 how selfish woman have participated in corrupting life. As is to be expected, their men will show her no loyalty. The Pregnant Earth image is made available by Gideon Wright under the WikiCommons License. Transcript The American revolutionary and statesman Ben … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast

A Pox on All Our Houses

As symbolized by the golden bowls of Revelation 16, the support of the Most High and his angels is withdrawn, and human civilization collapses. Picture of the Hindu sun god, Surya, by Nomu420 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Transcript Because we are thoughtful, people worry about the future. John’s Revelation is fascinating, … Continue reading A Pox on All Our Houses