Vajrayana and the Feminine Principle

In analyzing the scriptural transmission of the traditions of Abraham, we can chart a clear growth from historical record (Old Testament) to realization of union with the Divine (New Testament) and finally to psychological understanding (Quran). At each stage, humanity understood the Divine in terms of our receptivity. The Israelites were concerned with survival, Christians … Continue reading Vajrayana and the Feminine Principle

Only God Will Serve

I grieve whenever I encounter a Christian agonizing over political conflict. A relatively enlightened perspective is offered by Kathleen Bonette, who testifies regarding her discomfort with Trumpism (see below). I agree with her, but yet, I grieve. I grieve not over political differences, but because authors are failing to grasp the enormous patience of Unconditional … Continue reading Only God Will Serve

Ode to the Moon

Astrological coincidences (solstice, half-moon waxing to full during this Christmas week, and the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn) prompted the writing of this last night, in the middle of the return trip from Humboldt County, were I walked amid the old growth forest at the Headwaters Reserve. Esteemed Mistress, and cherished – As the sun … Continue reading Ode to the Moon