Truth in Revelation

Up to its last book, the Bible is the story of how God prepared humanity to receive the gift of love. Looking at the world around us, it is clear that His effort has yet to come to full fruition.

Exiled on the island of Patmos at the end of his life, the Apostle John was granted a vision that showed how that effort would be concluded. John’s record of that vision is confusing and often frightening.

For more than a thousand years, human teachers have interpreted John’s Revelation as the story of how God brings humanity to obedience through terrible punishments. As a scientist and lover of humanity, that explanation was repulsive to me. But after studying the course of evolution from single-celled organisms to modern culture, I finally read the book myself, and realized that it is all one continuous story of God’s devotion to us, and of His incredibly patient determination that we should be reunited with Him.

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Simply: God came down to Adam and Eve because only people, among all living creatures, are able to love the world as He does. That’s not easy. A billion years of evolution makes us act like animals. You know: fight, eat, sleep and make babies.

We got kicked out of Eden because we weren’t strong enough to manage those urges. Only Jesus, 5,000 years later, was strong enough to love even those that betrayed his devotion with death.

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This site is dedicated to explaining why we should learn to love as Jesus taught. As revealed in John’s Revelation, the episodes below explain:

  • the plan of Creation, and why people are important,
  • why loving can hurt so much, and how to protect ourselves,
  • what sin is, and how it destroys our souls, and
  • how we can guide those we love to salvation.

The proof of all of this is right in the Bible, in words that have been misinterpreted for thousands of years.

We won’t find any easy answers. But for those with courage, we’ll bring purpose and hope to every relationship in our lives.


Doors to Love – We are all meant to receive the gift of service to the most High.
ROFLMAO – The Bible?!? – The Nature of Love
Relation Creation – Seven Days of Creation: Just what Darwin ordered!
The Wyrm’s Turn – The Fall
In Over His Head – What’s It Like to Go to Heaven?
The Plan of Creation – Revelation 4: The Most High, the Elders, and the Living Creatures
Love’s Hero – Revelation 5: Birth of the Lamb
Virtue From Vice – Revelation 6: The Lamps and Seals: Love redeems corruption
Heaven Knows Victory – Revelation 7: The Fulfillment of God’s Plan in Heaven
Living Rights – Building a new Christology from the insights gained in Revelation 4-7.
Extinctions – Revelation 8: How destruction advanced creation.
Brains – Revelation 9: Pestilence forces animals to evolve social behaviors.
Vaccination – Revelation 10: The Most High prepares us to combat evil.
The Answer – Revelation 11: John prophesizes about the future of religion. Confusion reigns until the seventh trumpet sounds.
Progress Report – Exploring the failings of selfishness as revealed in Revelation 4-11, with additional illustration in the Old Testament.
Sacred Mother – Revelation 12: The Sacred Mother comes to Earth to deliver Christ, and stays to preserve virtue against the wrath of the dragon.
The Plan of Vengeance – Rev. 13: The dragon plots his revenge, relying upon his control over the primitive centers of the mammalian brain.
Exit the Dragon – Revelation 14: Christ responds to the dragon’s attempt to destroy humanity.
Starving the Beast – The Most High shoulders blame so that we will not hesitate to love each other.
A Pox on All Our Houses – Revelation 16: The Most High and his angels withdraw their support, and the world suffers under the lash of selfishness.
Beauty and the Beast – Revelation 17: An angel reveals the architect of our culture of sexual immorality, and foretells of her doom.
Babylon – Revelation 18: We are reminded that people are the proper subject of our love.
Life, Rescued – Revelation 19: Beckoned forward by his bride, Christ descends to purge human nature of selfishness.
Recidivism – Revelation 20: the final defeat of the dragon, and the victory of virtue over corruption.
Consummation – Revelation 21 and 22: Christ and his Bride unite the masculine and feminine virtues, and present to us the undying gift of the water of life.