Why do scholars argue about the meaning of the Bible? News Flash: Because they all start from a falsehood. They assume that people are the problem. We’re not. We’re the answer.

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That’s right. God came down to Adam and Eve because only people, among all living creatures, are able to love the entire world.

Not that it’s easy. A billion years of evolution makes us act like animals. You know: fight, eat, sleep and make babies.

We got kicked out of Eden because we weren’t strong enough to manage those urges. Only Jesus, 5,000 years later, was strong enough to love even those that killed him.

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This site is dedicated to explaining why we should learn to love as Jesus taught. The pages will fill up with videos that explain:

  • the plan of Creation, and why people are important,
  • why loving can hurt so much, and how to protect ourselves,
  • what sin is, and how it destroys our souls, and
  • how we can guide those we love to salvation.

The proof of all of this is right in the Bible, in words that have been misinterpreted for thousands of years.

We won’t find any easy answers. But for those with courage, we’ll bring purpose and hope to every relationship in our lives.

First-Time Visitors

While each of the videos offers a message that stands on its own, they do follow a progression. To see them in order, start with Doors To Love, and follow the “Next” link at the very bottom of the page (after the transcript).

The Christian Purpose

The ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, and how it helped his followers receive the gifts the Love has in store for us.

Doors to Love

Shared Strength

How to draw upon love to overcome the obstacles we face.