Putting selfishness behind us, we are offered in Revelation 21 and 22 a vision of unity, an experience of life that joins the feminine and masculine virtues under the service of love. Heaven is remade, and becomes the repository for the best of human intentions. Transcript When done in love, no act of creation … Continue reading Consummation


Revelation 20: Liberation from evil is not a straight-line process. We reflect on our struggle with selfishness, and detail the final steps in its defeat. Transcript Through his control of the state police, for twenty-four years Josef Stalin ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist. Whether in politics or the military, every capable … Continue reading Recidivism

Life, Rescued

Elaborating the triumph of love from the human perspective, John prophesies that we will not be abandoned to tyranny, but serve as the anchor for the love that purges violence and selfishness from our nature. Transcript During junior high school, the five children in my family had a brief rebellion. My sister would gather … Continue reading Life, Rescued

Sacred Mother

Revelation 12: The Most High sends the Sacred Mother to earth to bear the Lamb as Christ. The dragon attempts to destroy them both. Jesus returns to heaven, but the Sacred Mother remains with us to sustain that which is good. The Pregnant Earth imageĀ is made available by Gideon Wright under the WikiCommons License. reading Sacred Mother


Revelation 10: John serves as the measure of Humanity's strength as Christ and the Most High prepare a dose of evil for us to overcome. Transcript In the theater, we feel tragedy when a person on the stage is surrounded by danger that we saw plotted in other scenes. The death of Romeo and … Continue reading Vaccination