In my journey with Unconditional Love, the hardest lesson was that it can’t heal people who have fallen into anger and fear. They use the strength given them to harm Creation.

This is reflected in the Bible: the most common admonition is “fear not.”

Among the gifts of Love are the truths it harbors. The lessons revealed to God’s people reflect their maturity in Love. We should take a lesson from Daniel and John, who recorded visions that reveal the completion of the Sacred Work. These were men who submitted fully to the dictates of Love.

While Joseph joined the Egyptian religious elite, Daniel brought kings to submit to the Hebrew God. While his brothers hid in fear, John stood in witness at the foot of the cross. They were rewarded with understanding that escaped others.

The common reading of Daniel’s Dream of the Four Beasts is political. The fourth beast is read as Rome. That is error: the beasts represent ecological dominions. I won’t dwell here on the details. What is important is that one “like unto a Son of Man” approaches the sun (the “Ancient of Days”) and is given dominion.

Just as the Beasts represent ecological dominion, so too does the “Son of Man.” Love works its way into the world through us, and the power of the sun is laid open to us.

Thus when it is written that “the sky went dark” during the crucifixion, do not read “solar eclipse.” No, the love of Jesus made Him transparent to that power, and it poured itself through Him, amplifying His loving will.

A billion times as much power leaves the Sun as reaches the Earth. When we surrender to Love, solutions to all our problems will come within our reach.

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