Beauty and the Beast

Having celebrated the Sacred Mother in Revelation 12, John is shown in Revelation 17 how selfish woman have participated in corrupting life. As is to be expected, their men will show her no loyalty. The Pregnant Earth image is made available by Gideon Wright under the WikiCommons License. Transcript The American revolutionary and statesman Ben … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast

Starving the Beast

Revelation 15: The Most High shoulders the blame for the ruin that will fall upon our cultures of violence and privilege. Transcript How do we know whether someone is going to be a good leader? Because we live in a democracy during the television age, our politicians give us many answers to that question. … Continue reading Starving the Beast

Exit the Dragon

Revelation 14: The Most High responds to the dragon's vengeance with serenity, peace and truth. Transcript 007 and Mission: Impossible are killer movie franchises, but the modern spy thriller contains few surprises. After defeating a few minions, the hero approaches the lair of the evil genius. Captured and facing certain death, the hero escapes … Continue reading Exit the Dragon

The Plan of Vengeance

Revelation 13: Having been cast out of heaven, the dragon seeks to secure control of the earth. His vengeance uses tyrannical government and religious hypocrisy to drive humanity away from the love tendered by the Most High. Transcript I have a hard time coming up with stories about vengeance. I did watch Kill Bill … Continue reading The Plan of Vengeance