In healing us of our separation from Him, God – who is Love – must do two seemingly contradictory things: change us so that we can express love faithfully, and preserve that which is virtuous.

In order to accomplish that, love divides into two parts: a masculine part that changes, and a feminine part that preserves.This leads to interesting numerology in heaven: of the twenty-four “elders” (Rev. 4), twelve are associated with the Tribes of Israel – they are masculine. The other twelve appear independently in Revelation 12, as the stars in the tiara of the sacred mother. But they are implied in Rev. 7, because “144,000 are sealed.” In Biblical terms, 1000 is a “countable many.” 144 is twelve times twelve. Every masculine angel is combined with every feminine angel.

Our culture is making the mistake of emphasizing masculine role models for women. That is fine, but it is to deprecate the sacred feminine purpose. The womb is a vessel in which spirit is joined to flesh. To accomplish that goal, all the powers of preservation must be employed to ensure the child is born safely.

Let us celebrate our masculine and feminine diversity. As was said in Eden: “It is not good for the man to be alone. Let us make a helpmate suitable for him.” Masculine personalities have the terrible burden of wrestling against the world’s reluctance to receive love. They need feminine personalities to bear witness and safeguard their virtue.

Want more on this topic? Read Living Rights, Sacred Mother, Life, Rescued, and Consummation.

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