Were you taught that Evolution and the Bible are incompatible teachings? Well, once we accept the existence of the soul, there is a strong evolutionary argument that Unconditional Love must become reality’s most powerful force:

  • Every personality desires love, for to be loved is to be offered power.
  • Love seeks to illuminate marvelous possibilities among its partners, liberating their energy for creative activity.
  • As Unconditional Love desires nothing for itself, it cannot be corrupted. In fact, any attempt to corrupt Unconditional Love drives it away, educating the selfish that they are working against their own interests.
  • Witnessing the value of diversity, all those personalities joined by unconditional love invite others into its presence, extending its influence.

When in Genesis God arrives to breath His spirit into Adam, Unconditional Love is celebrating the evidence that material evolution leads to that same conclusion. Darwin’s evolution by natural selection led to the arrival of a species that could bring knowledge of love to the entire world. This is why, after three billion years, God choose us as his ally in redemption.

The father of lies foments divisions, and the most painful lead us to believe that Creation is fallen. In fact, creation is material proof of the primacy of love.

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