Healing Demonic Possession

Exorcism is seen often as a struggle of authority, with the goal to “cast out” the demon. In his book “An Exorcist Tells His Story,” Father Amorth, a leading Catholic exorcist, reveals that demons “don’t hate Christ. [They] test him.”

I must admit that I appear as a case in Amorth’s book, although his analysis is misconstrued. I wasn’t possessed – I just didn’t like what was happening that day.

What follows is my perspective on exorcism, shared with a friend who asked me to intervene in a case.

Historically, exorcism was seen a struggle of authority. The demon established control of a weak part of the personality, and the priest relied upon the authority of Christ to dislodge it.

In my understanding, the authority of Christ is rooted in the acquiescence of the client to love. From that perspective, I see the priest as a weak proxy for the client’s own desire to receive love that will strengthen and allow collaborative expression of the potential in the weak part of the personality.

Let’s say that the client is unable to assert their rights in relationships. The demon promises to protect them from manipulation, but slowly insinuates themselves into those relationships, eventually usurping them. An exorcist would cast out the demon, leaving the client exposed to manipulation. In the practice of psychic healing, the demon is convinced to teach the client how to manage manipulation, receives their gratitude, and leaves willingly.

The demon may be resistant, in which case the authority of love does come into play. The demon holds its strength only by manipulation of the skills they deploy in the client’s mind. But those skills are themselves smaller personalities. Rather than forcing the demon out, I have historically used love to pierce the veil of its control and negotiate directly with the smaller personalities. Often they prefer to reside with the client in self-love rather than under the dominion of fear. They then become assets used by the client to diminish and eventually repulse the influence of the demon.

For those that are non-believers, I feel that it is important to establish some context. To be a non-believer is, at root, to lack faith in love. That rejection has two roots: the presence of evil and scientific models of reality that do not accommodate spiritual experience. I can address both of those, helping to create receptivity in the client’s mind to the healing power of love.

In my practice, I always try to recognize that I have two clients: the demon and the person. My goal will be to create a win-win situation for both. Demons are as wounded by their divorce from love as anything else.

The dialog continued with attempts on his part to educate me on demonology.

At the root cause, there are also bloodlines and ancestral karma involved in most cases and some of them come from revenge for atrocities that the subject might have been involved with against these 4th dimensional entities or their contacts.

Half blood demons are usually deceived by their superiors, efrites that they don’t accumulate karma (concept of hell mainly) and therefore, they can do what they want without consequences and what’s better than torturing their inferiors, deaf and blind humans that also occupied their planet as well. While in reality, their hell is their darkness that gets darker (shift down in dimensional harmonic orders and usually end up being killed in battles, literally turning into smoke and their consciousness returns to the lord).

My response?

I understand the motivations for your analysis of the situation, but the supportive conceptual framework is not just unhelpful, it is actually constructed by demons and their allies to engender susceptibility to attack.

Realities become significantly less dense as their dimensionality increases. This means that as long as we accept validation through love, there is little that higher-dimensional personalities can do to harm us.

Love, conversely, transcends all dimensional and temporal barriers. This is why Jesus’s authority over demons transcends space and time, allowing even invocation of his name to bring relief from possession.

There is no avoiding karma – it just manifests differently in different realities. Their interference in our reality has severe consequences for higher-dimensional beings. They eventually conform to three-dimensional existence, being consigned to a relatively impoverished experience.

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