Manifesting the New Jerusalem

St. Thomas Aquinas, the authority relied upon by living theologians, did his exegesis of the Bible line-by-line. When he got to the Book of Revelation, he became despondent. When supporters asked him why he was not continuing his work, he responded (I paraphrase)”Everything I have done to this point has been error.”

Jesus said that his mission was to remake Heaven and Earth. Up to its last chapter, the Bible describes the process by which it was proven that his authority over the Earth was complete. As John claimed it was, Revelation describes the same work from Heaven’s perspective. This is what overturned the life labor of St. Aquinas. Understanding the events in Heaven completely changes our appreciation of the events on Earth.

In the final two chapters of Revelation we see the New Jerusalem, we should understand it not as a material place, but as a spiritual structure. As explained here, it represents a new relationship between the twenty-four elders of heaven. The twelve masculine elders are located at the entrance of the city, allowing to enter therein only to those that bring gifts of virtue. The twelve feminine elders are the fruits of the Tree of Life. They cherish that virtue and in their grace send healing back to the world.

Against this balanced resolution I look at the landscape of modern Christianity and see institutions dominated by men. As Revelation 4 reveals us as the agents of that transformation, the masculine bias here on Earth cannot stand. We need to create Christian institutions that examine and celebrate the feminine virtues.

This post is to announce this as the mission that will consume the remainder of my life. The hiatus through hypnotherapy has given me the tools and insights necessary to explain the psychological process that must be engendered to empower women and create male partners that will support their grace (rather than exploiting it). That organization will be called the City of Virtue.

I am seeking feminine personalities willing to explore agency in creating this new institution of grace – an institution that seeks to create a community in which the Sacred Mother can transmit her loving will for us.

If any are so interested, please contact me to learn more. This blog will now be devoted to testimony of the visions that inform my conviction that this is the work that must be undertaken if we are to bring an end to the world’s long sufferance without love.

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