The Women of Laudato Si

In response to the fifth anniversary Zoomcast on the Pope’s encyclical:

Thanks for hosting the Laudato Si podcast. I was impressed by the integrity and determination of the participants. The problems you are wrestling with are enormous, and obviously beyond human scope. I’d like to offer that the worse things get, the more power people like you have.

Rev. 11 mentions the “two witnesses” that are destroyed by “Apollyon” or “Abadon.” Both words mean “Destruction.” As I interpret Revelation, this is immediately relevant to the goals of Laudato Si. You see, for three billion years Love (that which is named by John as “God”) has been trying to enter the world. Every time that the biosphere became full, destruction came along to clear ecological niches so that evolution could resume. This is the story of the days of Creation (properly understood, actually a recitation of paleontology) and the trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 (actually a recitation of the great extinction events). The Garden of Eden is the culmination of that story: God finally perceived the rising of a creation (Humanity) that was capable of loving the world as He does, and breathed His Spirit into Adam, granting us the gift of love.

Of course it wasn’t so simple. In our era, human society is dominated by hierarchies maintained by greed and sexual immorality. There is no room for a just society to evolve. This was as was foretold in Samuel about kings. In exhorting “You: SAY I am,” Jesus asked the pillars of Herodian dynasty to cede authority to love. They refused (though Pilate did write “INRE”), setting into motion the events that are unfolding now.

The destruction you confront – that Pope Francis decried – is  the method used by the Most High (as described in Rev. 16) to clear the way for the rising of a just and righteous society. It didn’t have to be this way, but such is Human Nature.

This may be depressing, but as the shield of hierarchy collapses, the power of the Most High will be transmitted with greater and greater transparency. Those that choose to love will be able to direct it to heal wounded ecosystems. So I beg you, no matter what comes, do not lose heart. For women, in particular, to carry the memory of life in their bodies is to do a great act of healing.

This is as is described in Rev. 22: Women ARE the Tree of Life, and the leaves – you and your sisters – are “for the healing of nations.”

May all the blessings of love and life be with you. May the will of the Sacred Mother (that gathers the virtuous (Rev. 12)) flow through you in the service of the Most High. Be of good heart.

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