I have declared an intention to work to create an era that allows the Sacred Mother to express her grace in the world.

What does that mean? From my perspective, it seems clear enough. But my perspective is unusual. So how to explain?

Others have become enmeshed in her reaching out to us. In “Red, Hot, and Holy,” Sera Beak describes her exploration of feminine spirituality. As a child, she declared that she was going to be “Jesus’ High Priest.” Brought into the Harvard Divinity School, she became enmeshed (as I read it) in their attempt to revitalize Kali, the paradoxical Hindu goddess of death and fertility. Sera often embraced the raw maternal presence, but upon committing to write a book on its values, she became blocked. Trying to understand her internal tensions, during a family role therapy, she found the actors portraying the Crucifixion, and was confronted with the realization that she had been the Magdalene’s daughter. Beginning to resist the Kali personality, she finally broke through the blood-red haze to encounter a white lady.

Replete with forbearance and grace: The Sacred Mother.

When Sera documented this experience, she was cast out of the divinity community. Through my exegesis of Revelation, of course, I perceive that Sera managed to burrow through the cocoon of blood managed by the rider of the Red Beast (MYSTERY), finally reaching the authentic source of maternal love.

The high priestesses of feminine spirituality survey the civilizations built upon the traditions of Abraham and conclude that men are the problem. In reaching back to ancient feminine principles, however, they fail to understand that the rise of male energy was necessitated by the deep enmeshment of women with primitive mammalian spirituality. As the child’s soul joins to the fetus, during placental gestation the mother is the vehicle for the most organic of spiritual experiences. Ancient women, lacking scientific understanding, circled a whirlpool of survival instincts.

It was left to men to separate humanity from our evolutionary predecessors.

Has that process gone too far? Certainly. We are ready for a shift. But it will not arise through feminine dominance. It was feminine affinity for life that the serpent used to turn Adam away from that purpose. A balance must be forged.

I have glimpses of that balance.

When I am drawn to the site of a mass shooting, the energies are always intense. They mount as a compulsion, and when I finally accept the need to go, the process is disorganized. When I went out to Parkland, Florida, I booked tickets out of Burbank airport at the last minute (Ouch! On full fare!), leaving on the first flight on Thursday morning. I normally just find a Hotel 6 at the last minute, but upon arriving in Burbank I discovered that the closest was down in Hollywood. I drove around Burbank, looking for a vacancy, and finally ended up across the street from the airport at 1 AM, paying $180 for the opportunity to catch four hours of shut-eye.

So, I was a little blurry when I got to the long-term parking. Pulling into the empty spot at the gate, I was relieved to see that the shuttle was waiting at the first stop. I dragged my luggage over and climbed in, briefly exchanging pleasantries with the driver. As I considered how I was going to organize the energies necessary to heal the waiting trauma, the driver announced, “You need to go out and look at the moon.”

Mystified, I was none-the-less impressed by his authoritative tone. Stepping out onto the asphalt, I turned toward the front of the van and saw the moon low on the horizon, in the fullness of its splendor.

And felt the White Lady smiling down on me.

Oh Beauty! Oh Grace! Oh Woman!

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