The Power of Humility

A “king” in revelation is anyone who takes credit for the work done by love. In the parable of the three gold coins, Jesus passes judgement on such – albeit indirectly.

The third servant, explaining his caution, testifies:

You are a hard man. You take what is not yours and reap what you did not sow.

Luke 19:21

Hearing that this poor man will be cast into the darkness, we might be tempted to sympathy.

Taking the view of the Father, however, we understand that judgment. Nothing that exists was created by those that claim it. All such claims are superseded by the billions of years invested by the Divine will in creating the resources that kings exploit. What is sown grows according to patterns long predating our existence; all that is of value was shaped by human hands whose ingenuity was kindled by loving tutelage.

God is the precondition and author of all those resources. The servant is cast out for ratifying the usurpers’ claims. They create nothing, and sow only what came originally from God.

We are witnessing the destruction of the nation that claims “In God We Trust” because we subscribe to the claims of the usurper. McConnell, Trump, DeVos, Mnuchin, and their ilk all believe that they own a portion of what God set aside for us to use in loving one another. That claim is absurd, and reflects only the pride that comes before every fall.

The reward of the humble is something that cannot be bought or sold. We bear witness to the virtue of those like us, thereby catalyzing its amplification by the Most High.

Where the proud collapse into their own selfishness, we expand into ever greater realms of influence. As the culture of kings – the culture of privilege and sexual immorality – collapses, eventually only the humble will survive.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

Matthew 5:5

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