In honor of Alexei Navalny.

One of the characteristics of religion is a focus on the unexplained. We turn to it when “Why?” overwhelms us.

Because life is marvelous in its variety, we tend to get lost in the specifics of our experience. We turn to the Good Book (or books) seeking answers through comparison with predecessors that spoke directly to God. We end up expecting that “This worked for David (or Moses or Job or Saul) so it should work for me.”

As though our judgment controls the Sacred Purpose.

The Bible has only one concern. It illustrates, through various scales of society (family, tribe, nation, civilization) the authority of love in confrontation with hierarchies of dominance. Book-by-book, those hierarchies are exposed as self-destructive. First progeniture, then matriarchy. Caste is followed by religious tradition, beaten down by monarchy enforced by violence, the last revealed as futile by the Cross.

The only meaningful answer to “Why?” is to choose to love.

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