We obsess over royalty. Where they exist as a political heritage, our public spaces bear their names, and their weddings and deaths are attended by millions. Where monarchy was been expunged, royalty survives as dynasties in our political parties, and are memorialized as colleges and transit routes.

As Christians, we should feel tension in that affection. They must all submit to the rule of Love, and to avoid that demotion our royalty compromises their principles. We see this in the Bible as leaders are corrupted by power: obviously, Herod and Pilate, but not excluding Joseph, Saul, David, and Solomon.

The most common factor in these tragedies is sex. Herod’s beheading of John is instigated by his wife. Joseph and Solomon betray faith in marriage, and David betrays his office with adultery. Pilate’s wife demands that he “have nothing to do” with Jesus.

The Bible counts as many virtuous women as it does men of faith – a sorry statement when considering that men are the focus of the narrative. Those women are symbolized in Revelation 12 as the Sacred Mother who bears the son who rejects the trappings of royalty to “rule with an iron scepter.” In Revelation 17 and 18 we see the antithesis of the Sacred Mother, MYSTERY, the Whore of Babylon. She rides the Beast with ten horns, and we should not be shy in associating that with the epithet “horny.” Her influence arises from sex.

But why the “Whore of Babylon?” For that, we turn to the Book of Esther. It is the one book in the Bible that omits any mention of the Most High. If Eve tempted Adam, here the roles are reversed: Esther’s uncle trains her in wiles to seduce the King of Persia. As did the forefathers I have lamented, she trades her virtue for political power.

This as justification for my exhortation: do not patronize the film that celebrates her political achievement. Daniel 10:31 describes the sacred expectation of feminine devotion: to long for virtue, and thereby to call it into the world. This was Mary, untouched, praying each night for a savior for her people, until her longing summoned the archangel to announce, “You have found favor in Heaven, Mary. It will be done. And this is how…”

My professional and financial troubles arise from my devotion to that expression of feminine virtue. In the small hours of the night, for decades, I have had MYSTERY entice me with sex, offering me women in exchange for influence over my authority. In response, I observe the plight of the poor, the biosphere, and the faithful, and remark: “Do you really think that what you are doing is working?” Their attitude is recorded in Revelation 18: “I am a queen, and I do not mourn.”

Now do you understand Jesus’ metaphor for the tragedies that precede His return? “Birthing pains.”

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