God’s purpose is to heal reality from separation from love. Here on Earth, Humanity is the means for that healing.

As evident in every chapter of the Bible, we are flawed instruments. Powerful urges drive us to renounce love, putting ourselves first. We celebrate Jesus’ victory over Death because He showed that great rewards follow when we face death and choose to love.

But in truth, as a psychic struggle, freedom from Death was relatively easy. Nobody wants to die.

Conversely, almost everyone enjoys sex.

The Bible documents the corrupting power of sex, and the desperation that drives women to exercise it. The balance of power may seem obscure, but women are relieved, during their monthly cycle, from the urgings of desire. Men are never so immune. Once women have learned to manipulate the sexual urge, they lead men around by their handles.

And why should we men complain? It feels so good!

Well, because in indulging those sensations, we lose track of our sacred responsibilities.

Thus the power of the devil is only broken in Revelation following the confrontation with MYSTERY, the rider of the ten-horned beast. The first time the beast is seen, in Revelation 13, John stands inside the field of her influence. In Revelation 17, the angel offers John a more privileged view, and he sees the beast through the bloody aura of the lust cast by MYSTERY.

This conflict is unavoidable in our era. Prior to the widespread availability of contraceptives, lust was held in check by fear of death. Pregnancy and childbirth were dangerous experiences. With that governor gone, MYSTERY’s influence is unbridled.

I will not elaborate on my own journey to this conclusion. It was painful and humiliating. The most important treatment of the struggle is Sera Beak’s “Red, Hot, and Holy.” She lays herself open, revealing that beyond lust is a White Lady that tenders grace.

In Revelation, this Sacred Mother is chased into “the desert” in Revelation 12, but the tables turn in Revelation 19. MYSTERY is sent into the desert, and the White Lady, clad in the virtuous acts of the saints, governs the manifestation of the New Jerusalem with her husband, the Spirit of God.

In the end, we do not have to surrender passion. We choose only to turn it to the service of love. That means surrendering the shame learned in Eden and inviting the Divine Lovers into the room with us every time we disrobe and present our beauty to one another. They are not perverts: they are the witnesses, protectors, and perfecters of our ecstatic celebration.

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