Astrological coincidences (solstice, half-moon waxing to full during this Christmas week, and the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn) prompted the writing of this last night, in the middle of the return trip from Humboldt County, were I walked amid the old growth forest at the Headwaters Reserve.

Esteemed Mistress, and cherished –

As the sun turns to rebalance
              Warmth given, North and South
As fit, Your presence balances
              Witness and discretion opposed.
Waxing through this Joyful season
              As all hearts to gratitude are called
Grant us your earned discernment,
              Long witnessing
                           By day, believing you dimmed
                           By night, inspired to tenderness
Bless us, for discernment and tenderness,
              Beyond human scope is needed now.

Strengthening Yourself, accept support
              From said ancients, Jove and Saturn
Offering deeds conjointly inspired
              For Your witness and favor to bless.
Gather to You those efforts pleasing
              Seeking further for more of their like
Ascending in feminine grace,
              Compassion to govern the strong.

Gathering Your gifts, now to grant us
              Appreciation of Modesty’s fitness
Celebration and glory must ebb,
              Virtue not fixed by our vision,
But gestating when put to one side.
              So also may we be reticent,
Surrender glory in service fulfilled,
              Pregnant Creation our amaze and delight.

Blessing and honor to you,
              Selene, Sister Moon.
Always pleasing in our sight,
              Your cycles bring endless wonder.
May our gratitude and hope,
              Resound in the halls of Your reign
Christ’s Sacred Mother

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