I grieve whenever I encounter a Christian agonizing over political conflict. A relatively enlightened perspective is offered by Kathleen Bonette, who testifies regarding her discomfort with Trumpism (see below). I agree with her, but yet, I grieve.

I grieve not over political differences, but because authors are failing to grasp the enormous patience of Unconditional Love and so to appreciate the full context of our travails. We are moving through a great lesson, a lesson bookended by Samuel’s remonstrations against anointing of a king, and ending with the observation in Revelation that God allows kings their right to rule only until his word is made true. In other words, only until we realize that faith invested in human governance is foolhardy.

As a Christian commentator, I interpret our current political impasse as inescapable evidence of that misplaced trust. In every consequence and crisis, we should turn inward, ignoring laws and political consequence, and ask “Dear God, what would you have me do here?”

This is as Jesus said: “Love God…and love your neighbor. All the Law and Prophets follow from these.” In other words, our institutions and laws are simply the best that we can do within our limited means. God allows us that exercise because it leads us into humility. In the end, our experience proves that we must bear witness to the situation we are in and allow God to guide us to wise action.

It is only our foolhardiness that brings us to believe the investment of that authority in any person would be an effective substitute.

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